Sunday June 3, 2018 | 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

05GH - How Emerging Technologies are Influencing the Construction Industry

Room : Ballroom G/H

This presentation will explore emerging technologies that are influencing the direction of the construction industry. We will discuss virtual and augmented reality solutions that enable building owners, contractors, and design teams to explore 3D models of their projects. The interaction of both physical and digital worlds is changing the way project teams collaborate during the design, construction, and operations phase of a building. Emerging technology for 3D scanning has provided the industry with a fast workflow to collect extremely accurate 3D point clouds and generate models of a built environment before, during, and after construction. With access to accurate scans of the project, building owners and construction teams are using the 3D scans to ensure buildings are built exactly how they are designed in the virtual world. With the rapid rise of new technologies already influencing how we interact with the built environment today, we will take a look at where the next 10 years might take us.

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