Wednesday June 12, 2019 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

08C - Building a Mad Scientist: Driving New Innovation at Complacent Companies

Room : Compass

What does it mean to be a "Mad Scientist"? While the term may conjure images of white lab coats and unkempt hair, James Benham argues a "Mad Scientist" is someone willing to disrupt the status quo and experiment in hopes of breaking down inefficiencies. In this presentation, James Benham challenges contractors to cultivate Mad Scientists within their teams to lead technology research and development efforts. Learn how to create a culture of innovation at your construction company by giving your team the tools and space to creatively solve problems with technology. Review the historical context of thought-leaders throughout the ages who were deemed "Mad Scientists of Technology." Identify the modern tools and processes today's innovators use to evaluate and test technology on projects. Explore how practical application of technology, curiosity, experimentation, and 'tinkering' can be used to awaken today's generation of mad scientists.


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