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blacc is here to challenge and think differently within the construction industry to deliver value and efficiency. Through project leadership and construction management blacc seeks to be the agent for change in a rapidly changing construction landscape. Project leadership is a vehicle that blacc uses to harness the huge depth of experience of its leadership team to provide clients with strategic project management and program management. At the heart of everything we do is a desire to think creatively to drive change and lead the revolution that is beginning to take hold of the construction industry. Construction management, putting the client at the heart of a project through paying supply chain direct is releasing cash more readily to flow through the supply chain and removing the main contractor is key to changing the way of thinking in the industry. Charging a fee is a more open and transparent way of working which runs throughout a project. The market is demanding change, blacc are helping to achieve it through thought leadership, drawing inspiration from other industries and challenging enshrined practices and thinking.