Burger Consulting Group, Inc.: Building with the Right Technology

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Burger Consulting Group (BCG) is an IT Construction Industry consulting firm that has worked for more ENR ranked companies than any other consultancy in the industry. Established in 1997, BCG works nationally and internationally with commercial, civil and specialty contractors to develop objective IT strategy as well as select and implement the specific solutions they need to grow their companies. BCG enjoys a reputation of independence and objectivity that stems from no alignment with any software vendors. BCG’s scope of work includes ERP systems, ECM, Project Management, Collaboration, Preconstruction, Field-based technology, and Marketing and Business Development, as well as the supporting computing infrastructure. The firm is often involved during system implementations, in training coordination, development of training material and designing best practice processes for our clients. For more information about the firm and Christian, visit www.burgerconsulting.com or join our LinkedIn group, Construction IT Vision and Leadership. You can also follow BCG announcements and publications on Twitter @burgercnsltng.